Lets get SCHWIFTY, and Bring Back the Good Times!

At it's core, Schwift AI is a fun and well constructed meme looking to make ripples in the crypto world. But the best part is, we're actually building real & unique AI utility that has never been seen before. Come join us on our adventure!

Tokenomics 💰


The project contract has been renounced, instilling trust for all our supporters.


The project liquidity has been locked for 3 months, with extensions upon milestones!


Simple Tax Structure:
Buy tax = 4%
Sell tax = 6%

- 1% of every buy and sell is automatically added into the token liquidity

- The rest of the accumulated taxes will be used towards marketing & development


the project contract has been renounced, enstilling trust for all supporters.


simple tax structure:
Buy tax = 5%
sell tax = 5%


the project liqudity has been locked for 3 months, with plans to extend to 100 years!

Utilities You'll Fall in Love ❤️ With

Schwift AI Image Bot

A one of a kind AI image generation bot, capable of creating images in Rick & Morty style!

Try it now!

Schwift AI Music Bot

A truly unique AI Music bot, capable of producing sound loops and music bites for music production or any other type of media.

Roadmap 🚀
Phase 1
✅ Launch on Ethereum
✅ Renounce Contract/Lock Liquidity
✅ 1st Schwift AI Release (Image Gen)
✅ Medium Release & Whitepaper Release
✅ 300 Holders
Phase 2
✅ 2nd Schwift AI Release *Beta (Music)
- Establish Partnerships
- Audit and CMC/CG Listings
- Fine Tune AI Capabilities/UI
- 600 Holders
Phase 3
- Fully Release Schwifty Music AI
(With Subscription Service)
- Schwifty AI Image Gen Creator Event
- CEX Listings
- Large Promotions/Ad Campaigns
- 1000+ Holders

always safe & secure 🛡️

We use bank-grade 256-bit encryption end-to-end. we do not store any of your financial information. we offer multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection.

illustration of blue dog leaping and barking red fire out of its mouth.

How To 💸 Buy $SWAI

Visit Uniswap by clicking here or use the following contract address with your favorite DEX:
contract address:
a 20-something year old man standing in the street looking down at his mobile phone. he is were a white sweatshirt with the word "living" printed in red on it.
I was looking for a simple expense tracker. I wanted to be able to see at a glance how much I spend every week/month/category etc... I didn't need anything fancy. I could probably do it all in a spreadsheet but I don't really want to set all of that manually. I stumbled on Moneywize and it checked all my boxes. I'm a fan. 🙌"

tyler b.